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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Last week at the Mt. House...

Brett spent the night and we did a little
baking...He likes to use the hand mixer
and lick the beaters.

Kayla turned 17 and we had a family dinner for
her birthday...Pineapple upside down cake was
her request.

B spent the night and Don and he played chess.
It is one of their favorite things to do.
(along with playing army and video games)

B has memorized most of the pieces and how they move,
but some of his moves are not legal.

 It looks like this game requires lots of
strategy on B's part...the position of your 
mouth helps you think.


On the subject of snow...
I had wanted to be there in a snowstorm.
We live mostly at the beach and have little chance
to see any snow.

They had just had 6" of snow the week before
we arrived, but it warmed up and most of it
was gone by the time we showed up.

We did see some flakes flying around in the air though.

Now, it's back to work and looking forward to

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Last week I worked a lot in the thrift store and didn't
have a lot of time to sew or make anything.
So this week I have been working on these little
crochet owls.

I just freehand crocheted the little
guys and stuffed and closed the top.

Stuff them pretty tight.

They should be bulging when you start to close the top.
I added some felt eyes and beaks
and I glued a black button on for the
pupil of the eye.


You can make a bunch of these in no time!

note: they could contain a little pouch filled with
rice and be hand warmers!
(Christmas gift idea for next year!)

Friday, January 30, 2015

being part of the Scripture Project

Last week we went out of town to spend the week working
on the Bearing Precious Seed scripture project.

It was happening at Calvary Baptist Church in King NC.
Calvary has a school and lots of kids from the school came
down to the project to work for a while during their free time.

These workers are folding printed scriptures
from John and Romans.

They fold the covers and pages and stack them in
groups of 10.

The stacks are taken to the staplers.

Don and I worked on the staplers.
they are electric and easy to do.

We stapled about 720 (360 each) copies each day.
We worked Monday-Thursday.

From the staplers they go to the cutting machine and
they are packaged to be distributed.

This is how they look when we were finished stapling.

(They still need to be cut)
The whole project was completed on Thurs evening.
100,000 copies of John and Romans in English,
50,000 copies in Spanish.

We had lots of fun talking to friends from years ago
when we used to be members of this church.

Lots of good fellowship and blessings serving the Lord.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Little Owl Handwarmers

I made lots of these little owl
rice hand warmers for Christmas gifts.

They were easy to make and one of my daughter in laws
tagged me in a Facebook post with the pattern.

I made lots of them.
Some had felt eyes and some had
button eyes.

Fill them with a cup of rice and
sew up the closure by hand.

When you want to use them,
place in microwave and heat for
30 seconds. 

They stay warm for 30 minutes or more.

If you want the pattern, just google it or look on is all over there.

I know you will be able to find it!

Have fun with it!


Friday, January 9, 2015

I've been sewing for the past week
on these little dresses.

My friend, Ruthann is going to Haiti in February
and she is taking them with her.

There are 17 in all.
I was planning on more but I didn't realize
she is leaving so soon and I will be working
on another project the last weeks of this month.

These little dresses are fun to make and don't take
a lot of time.
They are supposed to be made out of pillowcases, but
I found many sheets in the nicer colors and just
cut them in the size of the pillowcase.

The rick rack and most of the embellishments were purchased
in the thrift store also.

I'll tell you more about my other project soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Hi Light of our Christmas Party
was going to the assisted living home
in Walnut Cove, NC.

Don sang some solos and the family helped on
the regular Christmas Caroles.

The residents were glad to see us and
really sang along.

We made Christmas treat bags to pass out.

We made 25 bags and they contained an apple,
an orange, Hershey kisses, candy canes, and some
tissues and a few other treats.

We talked to each person.
They were so happy that we had come.

It really was a success...We plan to do the same thing
next year.  We did not exchange gifts between ourselves
but focused on making the bags and visiting others.

Even the kids loved it.

After we ate at a restaurant and came back to
the house to have some sweets for us.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts and cheese ball and
crackers and pineapple upside down cake.

Some spent the night and we all agreed it was the
best kind of Christmas party.

We had our family Christmas at the Mtn House
on Dec 20th

We were a little bit sad that some of us
could not make it this year.

and we did miss them.

We did enjoy the time together.
The house was decorated by me and
Linleigh and Brett.

We planned for a no presents for each other
but to spend the time at the rest home in Walnut Cove.

I will post photos of the Rest Home visit on the next post.

Monday, December 15, 2014

We had lots of help in decorating the tree
this year.

We had Linleigh and Brett spend the night
after Thanksgiving dinner.

They worked hard and got
that tree done in no time.
Aunt Mandy gave Brett a
Hair cut and style.

Linleigh made some cookies.

Isn't Christmas Fun?


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Today has been a good day.
Our church had "Harvest Day"

Old fashioned songs....
Special singing...
A history of the church...
Dinner on the grounds...

When we got home I decided
to paint my pumpkin.

I think it turned out real cute!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

We have been working hard
 on the Mountain House

The cabinets were in bad shape
They were from 1994 and had
lots of scrapes and defacing.

We knew that we were going to paint
them instead of replacing them and I thought
we would replace the hardware.
But when I saw the price for just one drawer pull
(and we needed 40 of them)
I decided to try spray paint.

This is how they looked before.

We sprayed them black and then
shiny silver.

We used Primer and Paint all in one
on the cabinets and painted all the pulls
and this is how it turned out.

We spent 30.00 on our paint for the cabinets and
bought black and silver spray paint.

Fall decorating is in progress.

These are the last of the zinnias...
I pulled up the brown stems today
time for the pumpkins and
leaf raking to begin!