Monday, May 11, 2015

My computer has been down for almost
2 months. 

It is difficult to post from the Kindle,
as I have the old Kindle that doesn't take
photos,  and I had no way to transfer
from my camera to the  kindle to the blog.

I am happy to report that the computer is fixed
now and the weather has turned to Spring,
and all is well with my world again!

These are some photos taken at the Mountain House.

The beautiful flowers that abound
are not the work of my hands.
They came with the house, but I am enjoying
them a lot.

beautiful color every where I look.

just makes you want to stay out doors
all the time.

I planted tomato plants again this year
even though I am only there one week per month.

If we have enough rain they will give some fruit,
If not it will still be my pleasure to look forward to
seeing what they will do.

I have been doing a lot of projects
and have taken photos.

So, I will be posting more often now and
I hope I'll be seeing much more of my
friends posts, too.


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