Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a beautiful 55 degrees in our neighborhood!!

The temps are finally in the 50's and it is
warm enough to walk on the beach.
So I went with Don and my camera and this
is what I saw.

It was so beautiful, the clouds were so white
and the sky so blue,

The tide was out and the waves very calm.

This Seagull was enjoying it too!
After the walk we went to lunch at ELLA's

Then we went to the Fancy Flea market

and I got a set of Rooster s & p shakers to go with these

white beauties that I got at the same place in the summer.

Now, thats what I call a Great Day !

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  1. The weather has improved dramatically, hasn't it!!! Thanks for the comment. I'd love to see your bag. I'd like to make a bigger one, lunch bag size.