Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Fun Day with Linleigh!!

This is Linleigh at the end of the day...she is zoned out on chocolate.

This is the reason why!
We had a great day at the farm.

We ended it with eclairs

but, before that we saw the potbellied pigs.

We got up close to some goats

very close...

We sniffed some flowers in the green house

We went down to the water way and watched the boats come in.

We ate some fish and shrimp.
Tomorrow our guests will travel back to their regular life.
We will miss them, but we always look forward to the next visit!!


  1. It looks like you've had a good few days! I love spending my days with my family. Your lucky to have some sunshine..it is raining here yet AGAIN!

    Love Gemma X

  2. You both look awfully happy with your cute granddaughter. She has a grand smile herself in that last photo! We used to be able to feed some goats our neighbor had, when the grandchildren were younger!

  3. What a dear precious child, she is a beauty, and God's hand upon her is evident, she may grow up to be a wonderful Godly woman, working for our Saviour. Thank you for sharing your dear child with us.
    Hugs A close neighbor to your South, Barbara