Monday, March 8, 2010

We had a great weekend

We had some excitement at our house this weekend.
Ben & Jonette
Kayla & her friend
and this sweet grandson came for a visit.

We went to the Ocean

It was really cold.

but, Kayla and Tori didn't think so.

They went wading in the 30 degree water.

We ate Birthday Cake.

Then Grandpa and Grandma babysat Brett

While everyone went to Medieval Times for dinner and a show.

They went home on Sunday.

We miss them and are looking forward to their next visit.


  1. What a cutie! I'm jealous! (no grandkids yet) lol

  2. I miss having babies around, Brett looks like a very happy child, sweet smile!

  3. Oh, how sweet he is! I have a two month old grand son that I get to babysit two days every other week! (And his older brother who just turned 6, and a 16 month old grand daughter that I watch two days a week...AND a new grandbaby on the way in early June!! Lots of blessings!) Your little guy is so sweet and cute! I am glad you were able to spend some nice time with your family!
    By the way, this past week or so has been really crazy so I just NOW was able to see your pictures of your kitchen! GORGEOUS! I commented on that post, too!
    Have a lovely day!