Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer is here!

Summer is here and it's time for summer visits
and beachy fun!

Linleigh and Mom are here for a visit
Daddy Brad will be joining us at the end of the week and through the weekend.
We plan to have lots of fun and get wet every day!
I'm sure you will be seeing more of this sweet face this week!


  1. There's nothing cuter than kids on the beach! I enjoyed these photos.

  2. What a cutie your little Linleigh is. Have fun barefootin in the sand and I will look forward to more Linleigh photo's. Dee

  3. Oh she is so sweet, enjoy your family and the beach......:-)Hugs

  4. I loved our trips to the beach when my girls were little. They had so much fun digging in the sand and playing in the water. Nothing like the beach with a small child!! Have a great week. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Loved Linleigh's big smile when the wave was coming in! She looks very cute in her pink outfit and sunglasses, Donna...enjoy your visit with her!

  6. She is so cute! I love the beach and wish we lived close to one.

  7. SO cute!! She has such a happy smile... It looks like so much fun : ) Your lucky to live near the beach ( especially a sandy one) with such nice weather.

    Gemma X

  8. Oh what joy! Looks like a refreshing day spent at the beach.