Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some Labor Day fun!

Linda Finamore and I met in the 11th grade.
She was in my class in 7th-12th grade,
but, I really didn't know her until my cousin,Carl,
had a friend I wanted to date and he said we could
double date if I found a date for him!

Well, our relationships with the guys fizzled out,
but our friendship has lasted for more than 45 years.
We live a few states apart but manage to see each other
every few years.

Linda was here for the Labor Day weekend.

We did some walking on the beach,
We did some lighthouse watching and ate ice cream at DQ.
We read books on the back porch.

We went to this neat little collection of stores in Southport NC
The owner of these shops collected them from abandoned
lots and rescued them from demolition all around the area.

He had them moved to the parking lot in back of his little
restaurant that he and his wife run.

There are 11 shops and they are a unique collection of
local craftspersons and their creations.

It was a fun way to spend the holiday weekend.

We still have lots to look forward to:
We are headed out to Alaska next Monday.
We are on a cruise from 9/12 to 9/21.

The next weekend we will be in a craft fair.

The following Wednesday our 2 daughters and their kids
will be comming to spend a few days with us!
We are blessed to have so many fun things comming up!

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