Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another busy weekend

This cute face belongs to Eric.
He is my grandson.

This is Ethan.
He is also my grandson.

Mike (second son) and the boys came for a visit
this weekend.  We had a lot of fun.

As you can tell, we went to the beach,
it was windy and cold.
Still lots of fun

Theres never a dull moment around here.
The guys fished off the pier and caught a lot
of spots.

Always a lot of fun to be with family again!!


  1. Your cute grandson, with his copper hair and blue eyes, reminds me of my oldest son Rick(43) at that age and Ethan reminds me of my son Stephan, who at 40, was here metal detecting yesterday! Their names are so similar too, Donna!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Your grandson is cute. :-)

  3. They are so cute, looks like you all had a great weekend, hugs