Friday, April 27, 2012

My plan for this week was to go slow and rest from sewing.
I still had church and work duties but I was "sewn out"
or so I thought.

I had a call from a local shop owner for some
Toadstools and some Owls.

They also said Cats were popular too.

Thanks to Brenda at Cozy Little House
I knew just how to make the owls.

I found some ideas about the other things from
Bing and google.

So the sewing began.

I also have been working (in my spare minutes)
on these dolls

They are angels gettig ready for the fall/winter season.

I also completed an order for an
operating room nurse doll.

I took a picture to post, but blogger didn't
upload that one.
Maybe tomorrow I'll post it.

My world has been the 4 walls of the sewing room.

Whats been happening in your world?


  1. So cute! I bet they'll be fast sellers.
    As for my world, it's been mostly about yarn, so much so that I have a cramp in my forefinger and the arthritis in my elbow is acting up. But I can't stop knitting and crocheting, LOL!

  2. Hi Donna, very cute! I think they'll sell very well.

  3. Forgot to mention that if you join in on the linky thing on my blog to please put a link back to my Crafty Things post. This way others can join in and participate too. Thanks!

  4. You make my head swim...LOL...your owls are a hoot...just had to say it. :) Each piece is so well finished...I am sure the store owners will be pleased.