Friday, May 18, 2012

This has been an exceptionally good week at the Thrift Store.
We have had some wonderful donations.
Isn't this a beautiful piece?
I really had to restrain myself to keep from buying it.
(It doesn't exactly fit in with my other furnishings but
I could see it in the guest bedroom with the black iron bed.)

We have some nice chairs and sofas.
Outside there are some great patio tables and chairs also.

I love being the manager of the store with such good
stuff to sell.

We are Sheltered Treasures in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

Things are looking good around here.


  1. It is a lovely store...I also would have a hard time not wanting to bring stuff home with me. To bad your so far way.

    1. If you come to the NC coast be sure to come in!!
      Glad to see your back on your blog and doodling again.
      Glad that Frank is doing well also.
      God is Good isn't he?

  2. I love the upright chest. That would be beautiful with my high-back oak bed! The problem is that we are trying to get rid of stuff not buy. A few years ago, I would have come flying to the beach to buy that.