Saturday, June 23, 2012

sewing and around the yard

The dolls and gingerbread people are what
I have gotten accomplished
in the sewing department this week.
(they still need clothing and hair)

Lets take a walk around the back yard.
The begonias are looking really good this year.
They have had enough rain and I have remembered
to feed them twice this spring.

This is one of my favorite areas.
It is next to my swing.

I spend a lot of my study time here.
I can read and study to teach my Sunday school class
on the swing and see the flowers and birds too.

This is my "plain corner" that I dressed up with
lots of pots.

The ground is salty here and I do better with pots.
We also have moles and voles.

The view from the swing  facing the bird feeders.

We love the Hot Tub.

Well, that's it for today.
Next week is Vacation Bible School and
Don and I have 3rd & 4th grades.

Pray that lots of kids will come out and many
will accept Christ as Savior this week.

I'll post pictures of the decorations and some of the
fun stuff from VBS next week.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. your yard is just beautiful!

  2. Your begonias are seem to have a green thumb.I also like your swing set...very pretty. I pray the Vacation Bible School will touch the heart of each child and that they will accept Christ into their heart and life. I look forward to seeing pictures. :)