Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Four Raggedy Randys.

Some more sewing finishes for the week.

These guys were pretty easy to make,
with their used jeans pants.
The shirts didn't require a collar with the
scarf tied on.

I like their big smile and the big nose!

I had trouble keeping the painted legs from touching
each other and other things in the sewing room
while I painted them.

Another finish this week are the 36 ginger bread men.

These are for Christmas selling.

I'm going to clean the sewing room and take
a sewing break.

We are having visitors coming on Saturday.
Ben (3rd son), Jonette, Kayla and Brett!

Let the fun begin!!


  1. Love the big nose's on the Raggedy Randy's and those ginger bread men are adorable...I guess this is the time to start Christmas crafts...:) enjoy your son and his family. Mine will be here on the 23rd.

  2. Oh, how sweet your Raggedy Randys are....Such lovely workmanship!