Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Raggedy does the 50's

I finally got the 50's Raggedys finished.Those skirts were tedious but came out cute! 

I wanted a scarf on their neck but it didn't look
that great, so I went for the ribbon.

They went to their owner yesterday.

I miss seeing their smiling faces in the sewing room!

I had some orders for the sock monkeys
The original Rockford socks are so
expensive to buy on line.
And Cracker Barrel sells the finished dolls
for the price I have to spend for the socks.


I got these socks at Walmart when they had them on clearance.
$1.00 a pair (I think)
They really make up cute!
I will probably do some more for Christmas.

Well, I really have had a busy few weeks with the
Sound of Music play and visitors for the week
when I got home.

Soon it will be the Fall Festival season.
Can't wait for that.

The time flies by so fast!


  1. Love the dolls and the monkeys... incredible color choices. It is always fun to stop by and see your new projects.

  2. I just enjoyed a visit back in time on your blog. You have been a busy lady. Love all the dolls but none more than the beautiful job you did dressing mine.