Friday, December 7, 2012

An early Christmas present for Don

Santa came a little early for Don this year.
He has admired trains for a while.

It's the kind of thing that you would like to have
but it can be trouble to store after Christmas.
And, you know, we sure don't need it.
It's something to get out and put away each year.

That's what we would say when we'd talk about it.

But, it sure is fun watching that little guy go around our tree!


  1. Great gift....trains are so much fun under a Christmas tree. Maybe you can find someplace else to keep it out all year?

  2. Love the train. We have one that we use to pull out but now don't have the room. In a couple of years it will go to grandson Noah's house. Noah is just 18 months old and I think in a couple of years he will enjoy watching it. Our son said he never got to play with it. The year he got it, he couldn't play for his dad and granddaddy playing with it. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.
    Love, Marie