Friday, January 4, 2013

Family Christmas Party

These sweeties are cousins,  Kayla & Sara

Brothers, Joel and Tyler.

Daughter, Mandie

Son in Law, Brad


grandson, Aiden

Daughter, Ashley

Aletta and Donnie

Bretts mom, Jonette
(Keeping up with Brett is a full time job)

Theres Ben

Aunt Mandie is getting her finger scanned,
Is she naughty or nice?

our beautiful grandaughter, Alicia

Mike's family
Mike, Lisa, Eric and Ethan

Can you get that ginger bread boy into your mouth without
dropping it or using your hands?

many will try but only one can be the winner!

Grandpa has lots of help passing out the gifts.

Mandie makes sure everyone gets the correct package.

It's Lots of Fun to have a big family at Christmas!!


  1. Happy New Year, Donna! I looks like a wonderful day. :-)

  2. Your photo's capture the joy of a large family Christmas...your family is lovely each and every one...I got a chuckle out of the gingerbread on the fore head pictures.

  3. Oh what a joyous time you had! Makes you wish there were more major holidays! You have a beautiful family - thank you for sharing them with us.