Saturday, March 2, 2013

paintings and the Kindred Spirit

I have added mod podge to my

They are ready to frame.
I got the frames at the Thrift Store
and I'm adding some color and
glazing to them.

The scripture verses are from
an old Hymn book
and the letters are from scrapbook

This reminds me of daughter, Ashley
she would sit for a long time playing
in beach sand.
Her hair was long and braided.

At Sunset Beach, NC
we have a mailbox named
The Kindred Spirit.
It is in the dunes just a few yards from the ocean
There are notebooks and pens inside.
You can hike to the mailbox and write a message in the book.
I have walked there myself and read many of the messages.
Many are praise to God for the wonderful beach and for the
vacation the writer is able to have.
Many are prayer requests for sick,
some tell of deaths and loss,
some just pour out their feelings on the pages.
They put the book back in the mail box and it is
there for the next "kindred spirit" to read.


  1. Your paintings are just wonderful!

    1. Thanks Rhonda, Your kind comments are encouraging to me. I see that you stay busy too.

  2. You have given me inspiration with your lovely paintings :)

  3. These are so very lovely, keep up with your paintings, hugs

  4. OH HOW CREATIVE! These are adorable! You are so gifted Donna.