Sunday, May 5, 2013

spring wreath and towel pillows

New wreath I made from a piece of canvas
and some flowers. twine, buttons and an Owl Plant Pick.

I folded the canvas over and sewed a pocket on the
folded side.

Next I opened a wire hanger and threaded it on.

Hot glue was used to close the opening and
to glue the embellishments on.

I also made 2 pillows from a vintage linen towel.

Both the rooster and hen were on the same towel.

Fun, quick and easy.

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  1. Donna, Thanks for your visit to my blog and for the kind words. I have enjoyed my visit to yours and catching up. We are getting ready for our children next month--I am just hoping that Clyde will be better. My friend, that you met last summer, is headed back to the beach next weekend for a week.