Sunday, July 7, 2013

VBS 2013

Here is a random pic of Don setting up
our room for VBS.
Pop the balloons and answer a question.
Knock down the stacked cups and get candy.

We usually have a large class.
This year our whole Vacation Bible School
numbers were down.

We still had lots of fun though.

and the Lord really blesses our efforts
We leave the results to Him.

Thank You Lord for this opportunity to serve You!


  1. Looks like your VBS was fun. You planted the seed and the Lord will give the harvest. I enjoyed reading your past blogs and projects. Your patio is beautiful. I've started blogging again and hope I can keep up with it. Come visit me at Celebrate Imperfection

  2. Hi Trish, Thanks for your comment. We look forward to VBS every year.
    It is a hi-light of our summer. I'm glad to see you are posting again. I have enjoyed your blog also. (It is hard for me to keep up with being consistent in blogging too. I just have to give it time when I have the time to give.) Blessings to you, Donna