Friday, October 18, 2013

back at the sewing machine

The sewing orders are coming in again.
I have set up my assembly line on the bed
in the sewing room.

Today there are 16 snowmen in progress
and 4 owls.

These guys still need hats and eyes.
the other snowmen are made but need faces and
arms put on and their little Christmas decorations
glued on.

These owls are made from felt glued on a styrofoam ball.
cute and easy, but put together with hot glue and
I have bandaids on my fingers now that slow me down
on my other sewing.

All in all, It has been a pretty good day.
I got a lot done and made brownies to keep
my strength up!

Tomorrow I'll finish those snowmen and get some
aprons and cats cut out.

I don't think I'll be able to finish them though,
I have to run over to the Thrift Store for an
hour or two and
do a little book work,

OK.  that's all I got.
Blogger has worked much better for me today.

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