Sunday, February 9, 2014

Woman to Woman Brunch

Woman to Woman
Missions Brunch
Saturday was our quarterly
Woman to Woman meeting
at our church.

This month the meeting focused on Missions.
Our theme was
Missions:  God loving the world through Me.

We had nearly 50 woman in attendance.

The meeting included special singing
a report from Aletta about her
missions trip to Guatemala.
Before we ate we drew slips of paper from a bag
and stood in place of woman all over the world
and remembered that everyone does not have
the food choices we do here.

The decorations featured maps and travel.
We used the words:
Some will pray
Some will give
Some will go

on our banners.

I like to show the decoration so I can remember
and so some of our friends that do work
in their woman's meetings will
be able to get ideas from us.
(I know I like to use your ideas, too!)

I used the gift bags with balloons tied to them
for table centerpieces.
The mat under the bag is a state map.

I made these posters from regular printer paper
on colored back paper.
I cut the burlap and used small pieces of the
maps to make the heart.

Our Woman to Woman meeting is special.
We love our sisters in Christ and
enjoy serving together.

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  1. Donna, I love this post and all the wonderful ideas here! Thank you for sharing and I think I will use some of these in our next woman's group. :-)