Friday, January 30, 2015

being part of the Scripture Project

Last week we went out of town to spend the week working
on the Bearing Precious Seed scripture project.

It was happening at Calvary Baptist Church in King NC.
Calvary has a school and lots of kids from the school came
down to the project to work for a while during their free time.

These workers are folding printed scriptures
from John and Romans.

They fold the covers and pages and stack them in
groups of 10.

The stacks are taken to the staplers.

Don and I worked on the staplers.
they are electric and easy to do.

We stapled about 720 (360 each) copies each day.
We worked Monday-Thursday.

From the staplers they go to the cutting machine and
they are packaged to be distributed.

This is how they look when we were finished stapling.

(They still need to be cut)
The whole project was completed on Thurs evening.
100,000 copies of John and Romans in English,
50,000 copies in Spanish.

We had lots of fun talking to friends from years ago
when we used to be members of this church.

Lots of good fellowship and blessings serving the Lord.


  1. Such a great work, busy working for the lord..

  2. That is really a good time...visiting with friends and working for the Lord!