Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hi Everyone, It sure seems like fall is here.

I've been baking chocolate-chocolate chip muffins today and went to the store for milk and bought a pumpkin. I've got the decorations out and ready to get the orange Black season started.

I cleaned under the beds...One of my favorite places to stash things that I don't want to throw away but really don't have a place to store. Then went to the kitchen to clean cabinets. I came across the cupcake pans and felt like I should fill them! I also found my Grandpop Resch's copper tea kettle. I've had it for years. Mom gave it to me after he died. For a while I kept it on the kitchen stove and sometimes I'd make tea or coffee with it but it is copper and requires cleaning pretty often. So, it got put in the cabinet with some cake pans that I don't use much either.

Well, I scrubbed and scrubbed (about 10 years of neglect) and It came out beautiful. I put some water in it and made a cup of tea!

This week Don and I plan to go up the coast for a few days.

Beaufort is our planned destination. I went there a couple of years ago with my school class to take a ferry ride to the outer banks and see the wild horses. (these horses are believed to have been shipwrecked when Spanish explorers came to the "New World" to claim land for their country.) It was a good time, but there was lots more to do. I think we will enjoy a few days of exploring. I'm back at work on Thursday so it won't be a long "explore".

I hope I'll have some pictures and interesting stories to tell next week!

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