Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Beaufort Explore

Hi Everyone,

We had a great time in Beaufort, NC.

We saw some great old
historic houses and stores.

We rested at the Inlet Inn and took in the waterfront sights.

We ate in the
waterfront restaurants.

We walked everywhere
until our legs hurt!

Then we took a guided tour of the town in the dark, that ended up in the graveyard!
Our guide told us all the spooky stories of Blackbeard, the famous pirate!
He had his home in Beaufort with underground passages that led to his ship.Our guide told us that many mysterious things happen in the town of Beaufort after dark.

We enjoyed the spooky stories but
we didn't see any spooks!

And I sure am glad!!

This place is much more scary after dark.

Honest it is!

I promise...

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