Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spending some time with nature.

Today I had a day off from work.
I spent most of it outside in the quietness of our back yard.

Don't you love the azaleas?
It is so refreshing.

Isn't Spring Grand?


  1. Love the beautiful azaleas. They are so pretty now, aren't they? Love & blessings from NC!

  2. They are beautiful! Must have been very tranquil : )

    Love Gemma X

  3. Your backyard looks like such a lovely, tranquil spot!

  4. Your backyard is extremely inviting, Donna. A nice place to spend some quiet time. Your azalias do make it special.

  5. Yes, your backyard is very lovely and
    so inviting. I'm sure you try to spend
    as much time there as possible, just
    meditating on the Lord and all His

  6. Yes I do love Azaleas, we have several plants here in Southern GA too, love your photos, have a wonderful weekend, and a great Friendship Friday, lots of hugs, Barbara

  7. Oh My..I love your back yard. I could sit out there and feel close to Heaven. In reference to your previous post...I do hope you start painting again, you paint beautifully.

  8. Lovely azaleas! I just found your blog through Nancy, she's so sweet. I live near the ocean also, on Cumberland Island. My husband grew up in Dunn, NC and his parents had a beach house at Topsill Beach. I look forward to stopping in to visit, I"m off to read some of your older posts now...

  9. What a beautiful back yard!!! It looks so pleasing to the eyes and such a nice, quiet place of rest!! I love the sunshine AND The shade! :)

  10. Your backyard garden is beautiful! My azaleas are in full bloom as well, but we just got a bad frost last night and it's only supposed to be in the 30's here through the night. Gotta love the north! I saw that you live on the NC shore. I LOVE NC and would live there myself if I didn't have so many family ties here in PA. We vacation at Emerald Isle every summer. It's a great family beach. Are you familiar with it?