Saturday, May 8, 2010

Amazing Thrift Store Find.

I love this swing. It is on our patio and I often drink morning coffee
while sitting there.

It is the third season for it to be out and it is getting a little worn.

When I was out thrifting this week I found this Quilt.

It was dirty and in a plastic bag at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

and guess how much it cost?

$2.00 !

Can you believe it??
How fast do you think I picked that thing up??
I brought it home and machine washed it on "handwash".
I machine dryed it on "delicate".

Isn't it beautiful??
Not a rip or stain on it.
As you know I love a bargain.
I have 2 other projects on my plate now...
One involving a trunk and one with a $3.00 chair.
The chair came home from the Restore with me on the same
day as the quilt.
I'll show you those before and afters in a day or two.
OH, Yes, Happy MOTHERS DAY sweet friends !!


  1. It is lovely and how appropriate that
    it's adorned with lighthouses and ships
    since you live on the coast! So happy
    you found it.
    Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

  2. Beautiful, both the design and the cost! I'm jealous...again! lol

  3. Hi Donna,
    Good job! Gotta love that Habitat. I really like the quilt, it's very coastal.


  4. You found the perfect quilt for your swing, it works perfectly...the design lines up so well! We think alike in away. I bought a 'clearance' quilt and used it on my porch glider.

  5. congrats on the great find, your yard looks pretty and comfortable - I have lots of success machine washing things on the easy cycle that say hand wash or dry clean as well.

  6. Love your quilt. Happy Mother's Day to you. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. You're my kind of gal, Donna! I enjoyed time spent looking over some of your previous posts. I especially enjoyed the pictures of your yard/red bench, etc.

  8. What a gorgeous quilt. Happy Mother's Day, Donna!

  9. Oh My.. you got a real bargain. Two dollars!!! WOW.It looks great on your swing.:)

  10. OHHHH What an amazing find! I love finding treasures like that. How awesome!

  11. Oh my word! A lighthouse quilt...I am green with is the name of my husband's home inspection business and we have collected quite a few lighthouse themed items. That is truly an amazing find!