Monday, May 24, 2010

I saved these ladies from an awful fate!

I found these ladies in peril today! They were in an awful place!!

One of the volunteers had put them in the garbage!!
I knew this could not be right!
I asked the manager if she knew about it.

She seemed to think that this handmade quilt was faded
and out of style!!

"Take it if you want it" was the reply.

I practically ran to my car to get it safely tucked into the
trunk where the girls could rest in the fact that
they were not going to be destroyed.
Phew, That was a close one!


  1. Your 'saved' quilt is beautiful, Donna. My mother was a quilter, she made similar quilts for all her g'g'daughters and little boy quilts for the g'g'sons. WHO...would not want this quilt???

  2. I still have the same quilt (only in blues)
    that my mother made for me when I
    was a girl. I think it's called
    Sunbonnet Sue. It's darling. Hope
    you enjoy yours.


  3. Wow Donna, I'm so glad that you saved that sweet little Sun Bonnet Sue quilt. I cannot believe that she threw it away. Oh well, it was meant for you to take them home.


  4. I'm glad you were able to get that before it was tossed. It's beautiful!

  5. I love Sun Bonnet Sue. It is always a favorite and has such personality. Glad you were able to keep it. What a treasure. Love & blessings from NC!

  6. Well done!! It is lovely :D Seems like it was meant for you!!


  7. I had a pink and white sunbonnet sue quilt on my bed when I was young, made by my great grandmother.
    So very glad you rescued this one and it looks great spread out on your bed- you better keep checking the garbage when that sorter is on duty, what else is she throwing away?

  8. Wow that is wonderful, Aliene just made a quilt with those same ladies, quite a find dear hugs Barara♥

  9. I've been seeing this pattern come back. And I'm so glad. I had one from my grandmother when I was a little girl. What a wonderful 'rescue' my friend!

  10. One persons trash is another persons have a treasure.:)

  11. That was a close one, Donna! You have the most perfect job.

  12. I love this quilt and I loved that you saved it. Who could every throw away something so pretty and with so much work put into it.
    ......:-) Hugs

  13. A lot of the volunteers (that we love and couldn't run the shop without the gift of their time and work)don't sew or understand the time and skill it takes to make something like that.

    They often throw handmade items in the trash when there is a small stain (like a drop of coffee or a pizza smear) I constantly offer to take the garbage out for them because I like to do some checking.

    Just a note, I made DarcyLee's oxyclean (1 cup of water, 1/2 cup of peroxide and 1/2 cup of baking soda) and I can remove most stains with it. I Put it in a squirt bottle and wet the stain with it and let it sit overnight.

    Just blot the stain out the next day.

  14. Wow! Close Call! I worked on a quilt that I found
    among my Mom's stuff. It was just cut out pieces. I finally got it put together. It is a Bonnet girl pattern. I posted the top on my blog. Now I need to get it together and quilted.
    Check it out. Not as pretty as the one you saved but it is a little of Mom.

  15. You and the girls were lucky to find it just in time! Keep those eyes open, people don't know what is valuable sometimes!

  16. Oh wow! Good for YOU! Well, I'd say "Put all quilts in this can (as I left a can that I purchased at the dollar store), if in doubt!" then you can sift through...
    Hey, you've been BUSY since the last time I got over to visit!!! XO

  17. WOW!!! I am so glad you saved the quilt. That is a beauty!