Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Sewing

 I've been sewing a lot lately.

In the moments between visitors and work
I've been sneaking off to the sewing room.

I bought this fabric on Monday and made the pillows.
I finished the valances today.
I love the fabric and color. 
It makes me smile when I walk by.

Tomorrow third son, Ben, will be here for a week.
He and Jonette, Kayla and Brett will be keeping us busy at the beach and restaurants.  

I think they have a boat ride and fishing in their plans also.

Good Times!!

I'm changing my subject now and I'll change my font color also:

Please pray for my sister and her husband and 3 kids.  They leave North Carolina on Monday to move to Jay, Maine.

It's a long ride with the moving van and 3 kids in the car following.  Bob will be the new pastor at a Baptist Church in that town.  They feel that is where God wants them.  But it is hard for them to leave family and their home and everyone they know for a strange new place.  They plan to arrive at their new home on Thursday. 

If the Lord brings them to mind, please pray for their safety and blessings along the way.

Thats Bob, Carole,Savannah,Rebekah and Noah. They are special to me and I know God will bless their work there.

OK, that's all I have for today.  Have a great Sunday and I'll be posting pictures this week of the vacationers!!


  1. I will keep them in my prayers, Donna.
    They look like a precious family and I
    know you love them and will miss them.
    The Lord will bless and care for them
    and maybe it won't be too long before
    you can all see one another again.
    Your pillows and valances are just
    gorgeous. Love that fabric, too.
    Enjoy your family coming in and don't
    get sunburned!

  2. Love the print in the pillows and valance. Praise God for your sister and her family who are answering God's call. Father God I pray traveling mercies over this family. Guardian angels all around their vehicles as they make this move. I pray your Spirit will open the hearts and minds of those to whom You are sending them to minister. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen.

  3. What a beautiful family, will keep them in my prayers for a safe trip and an easy transition.

    Love your sewing, valance and pillows are so pretty.......:-) Hugs

  4. I love your new valance and pillows. Beautiful fabric. And I will certainly pray for your sister and her family as they move to a new place to live. Enjoy your company this week!! What fun you all will have. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Sunday blessings Donna, I love the choice of fabric for your valance and pillows. I do wish I had learned to sew. I pray all goes well with your dear sister and family as they make this major move. If God spoke to them about the move I am sure he will guide and protect them as they follow his leading.