Monday, October 25, 2010

Some things are worth fighting for...

Before I moved to the beach, I lived just a few miles
outside of King, NC.
We were a part of Calvary Baptist Church.
We know and love many of the members there.

Something happened there thirty some days ago that just wasn't right. 

The Christian Flag was taken down from the flagpole
after one person complained that he didn't like it.
He didn't think it represented the town of King.

The flagpole where the Christian Flag flew was empty for
those thirty some days.
So the residents of King and the Veterans got a permit to
personally stand in the park and hold a
Christian Flag for those days while the town council
decided what to do about it.

They took shifts and someone held a flag for every minute
of the time the permit allowed them to.

The church and stores in the town sold flags and just about
every house and business displayed the flag.

The flag flew higher than it ever had over the town.

This past  Saturday, a march from the Calvary Baptist Church
to the memorial was held.

Over 5000 people attended.
(Some marching and some riding in
busses furnished from area churches.)

More than 4000 people signed their names to a petition
asking the town to keep the flag flying on the Veterans Memorial.

The town council will decide what to do at it's next meeting.

I don't know what the outcome will be.

But, I sure am proud of my former church and its
members for taking a stand for Christ and all that
flag means to us. 

Well done!!


  1. There has been so much on our news recently about this, since we are not far from King. I sure hope they get to keep the flag up. Enjoyed your post about this. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. I am glad they took a stand for the King
    there in King, NC. May the Christian flag
    fly freely!

  3. good for them! I heard about this town on the news too.

  4. I'm glad to read that people are willing to stand up for their beliefs. I hope that the town council votes to return the Christian flag to it's proper place.

  5. Yea for this church. For all of our sakes I pray they are allowed to keep the Christian Flag.

  6. I read about this in the news. How exciting that you know of this church personally!