Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Family Birthday Party and an Appendectomy

Don and Linleigh have the same birthday.
October 29th
Don is 64 and Linleigh is 3.

I had Tuesday through Sunday off from work to go to the party and visit Amanda and Brad.
(They live about 300 miles away). 
We also got to visit son, Ben and his family. 
My sister was in town to sign papers for the selling of
their home.  (She is the one that moved to Maine recently.)

I had a great time visiting on Tues and Wed.
Thursday, not so much, I woke up with pain in my right side.
Enough pain that I could not walk without holding my side and bending over.  Hubby said I had about 30 minutes to get better and then we were going to the ER.

So, we went to the ER, at 10 am.

I had surgery for an appendectomy at 8 pm.

I got out of the hospital at 10 am the next day.

I was able to make the party on Friday night.

We also had a little kid's party on Saturday.
Everyone had fun. 

I'm recovering nicely.
I really am thankful to the Lord for watching over me and allowing me to get through the whole thing so easily.

I am mostly pain free and went back to work for 1/2 day on Monday, but, I can't lift or stand all day. 
I have to sit at the cash register. 

Something  else I wanted to add: 
The city council of King voted on Monday not to allow the Christian Flag to be flown at the City Park Veterans Memorial.


I'm still sewing and glueing on the snowmen.
I'll show ya soon. 
I've started working on some Christmas Gifts, too.


  1. Sorry to hear about the appendectomy, but you seemed to have sailed right through it. My sister had one at 13, I just remember making her laugh and feeling guilty for the pain it caused her. Impressed that you made it to the parties, Donna!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your surgery. Glad you are doing better. I knew I had not heard from you in a while, but I just assumed you were busy sewing and working. I'm happy that you were still able to celebrate the birthdays. Take care of yourself. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Well, bless your sweet heart. I am so sorry
    to hear of your surgery but so glad at the
    way you seemed to have come through it so
    well! Isn't God good?! You take care of
    yourself and rest when you need to.
    Love you,

  4. Glad you're healing well from the appendectomy. Surgery is much simpler now than it was in the old days. I'm so sorry to hear that they voted not to allow the flying of the Christian flag. It looks like both the birthday people had a good time.

  5. Hi Donna! I just wanted to hop over and say thank you for visiting my blog today and signing up for the giveaway.

    I signed up to follow you back. I am also from NC and I am a teacher, so I think we will have a lot in common. I look forward to reading more from you!

    I am glad that you are recovering nicely from your recent surgery and that you made it home in time to go the party!

  6. Goodness...that is quite the week. Surgery, travel and a party and then back to work. Your tough girl.:) Little Linleigh looks so cute with the bow on her head.

  7. Hi Donna! I am so sorry to hear about you having surgery. Glad you were still able to do what you wanted to.
    Looking foward to seeing your projects and Christmas gifts. Email me sometime if you would have time to make some clothes for a very old doll I have.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!