Sunday, November 14, 2010

tutorial for the Snowman Candle Holders.

This is how I made the Snowman Candle Holders:

Wash and dry your glass (or plastic) containers.
Gather your supplies:

Elmer's glue
paint brush or sponge brush
water jar and a cap for mixing glue.
tissue paper (torn in scraps)
black and orange acrylic paint
diamond dust or any very light sparkly glitter.
something for the scarf (felt, Christmas ribbon or fabric)

Cover your table with some plastic or other protective  covering
put some glue in the jar lid and dip your brush in the water.
mix the wet brush with the glue and paint the outside of the jar.

Lay some pieces of torn tissue on the glue brushed jar
(gently press on and let it wrinkle).
cover the jar with the tissue and paint the glue over it as you go.
When all is covered and the paper is good and wrinkled, paint another coat of glue.

Hold your wet container over a trashcan (or over paper if you want to retrieve your glitter)
sprinkle the glitter over all the glued surface.

Let the glue dry for a couple of  hours.

I used a brush to paint the nose first.
Then I used the rubber eraser on the end of a new pencil to dot the eyes and mouth.

Tie the scarf on and it is finished!

(note: if you are nervous about painting the eyes & nose & mouth, you could use
felt cut outs and glue them on after the rest is done.)

These would also make a great table center piece with pieces of pine in between the goblets.

Hope that answers all your questions:
Let me know if you give it a try!!

At first I was gonna tell ya it was Christmas Magic...(wink)


  1. Thank you for sharing how to make these. THey are so cute! I may actually make these with the girl's club I run.

  2. Thank you, Donna for taking time to explain
    how to make the snowmen. I do want to try
    and make at least a few for little gifts.

  3. Thanks Donna...I'm going to give it a try too!

  4. Thank you for the tutotial. I hope to make a few to hold tealights.