Monday, February 14, 2011

Scenes from the Thrift Store

It's Valentines Day and the
Thrift Store is looking pretty good.
I made the above items from donated items.

This globe is really nice,
as is the elephant base.

What do you think of this bed frame?
do you see that the mirrors are attached to the headboard?
The metal frame is on the floor in front.
The side armoirs are wonderful.
There is a chest of drawers to the left.

Our kitchen room is looking good too!

This book bundle was made from what is left of the books
when you tear the pages out for the book wreaths.
It is another Thrifty Craftin' project.
Don't ya love the earring I glued on for some bling?

Hope everyone is having a great Valentines Day!!


  1. Hi Donna, what a pretty, organized thrift store, I would love to shop here.
    you and your coworkers do a great job!

  2. Hi Donna, Thank you for stopping by my blog with encouragement.Frank and I are doing OK. We have a tough road ahead of us but the good Lord is in so many of the details that we have faith he will let Frank have his new heart.It feels good to have my computer working again and to be able to visit my blogger friends. I am enjoying your creative craft ideas and your generosity at spending your time and talent to teach these classes. You have done a great job at setting up display area's. If there was an award for the best thrift store..yours would definately be the winner. :)

  3. How nice everything looks, Donna...if I worked there I would be so tempted to buy many of the items. I have a weakness for pretty dishes and cups!

  4. Everything looks nice and pretty!

  5. Your store looks lovely and very organized!

  6. Your store has to be one of the nicest thrift stores I've ever seen!

  7. Beautiful! That headboard is huge! You have received some very awesome donations!!

    I love how you have added special touches.
    Great work.