Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spending some time with the family...

We have been visiting with the family this week.
Our daughter Ashley's family doesn't
 get to spend much time in North Carolina.

Her husband, Zack, is in the Navy and  they can't just come
home anytime they want to.

This is our grandson, Aiden, isn't he a fine looking guy?
We havn't seen him for about a year.
He sure did grow during that time.

We visited Ben's and Jonettes family also.
We got to see Kayla and Brett while we were in town.

The next time we see Aiden he may have some new teeth.

Ashley and Linleigh at the art center.

We visited with Amanda and Linleigh (and dad, Brad).

Brett loves to pull Don's cap off.
The guys couldn't keep their eyes off the sports scores.

One last photo of Aiden.
Grandma hopes to see ya again this summer!
                                     (We didn't get to see Mike's or Donnie's families this time.
                                                      We plan visits soon!)


  1. Time spent with family is always good. Great family pictures.