Thursday, March 24, 2011

stenciling a pillow top

I spent some of my day making this pillow
for the guest bedroom.

I cut my material for the front and back and
for the ruffle

then I placed my stencil on the fabric with masking tape.

I used a stencil brush and some acrylic paint
( the brush must be dry when you put the paint on
and then pounce it a few times on some paper)
Oh, and don't forget to put some paper  between your
pieces of fabric.

When your paint is dry, lift off the stencil.
and you are now ready to sew the pillow.

Oh, did I mention that this pillow started out as
this skirt? 

(and I am sure that you know where this skirt came from)

You can make more than one pillow from a
thrift store skirt.

I know what I'm talking about!!

I made the flower from the same skirt and a
broken pearl necklace.

OK, thats all I have for today.

Tomorrow its back to work at theThrift Store.


  1. I love this little bird. So sweet.
    You are one talented lady, Donna.

  2. Such a pretty pillow!! I love birds! And what a great idea to make it out of an old skirt. Looks so pretty in your guest room. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Lovely bird pillow. We have this in common...I've used old sweaters and a skirt once to cover existing pillows.