Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are you as smart as 3rd graders at VBS?

I just can't tell ya what a great week this has been.
Don and I had 3rd graders for VBS.

This is our class.
Our VBS started at 6pm with dinner in the cafeteria.
We then lined up and marched in to pledges to the flag,
songs and verses.

We had a Bible Lesson taught by me.
A song and verse for the day and an activity
that helped us keep in mind what we had learned all week.
Don took care of all these things.

We left the classroom and went to the Missions Room
and had a story about a modern day missionary.

Next, we went to the ball field for recreation.
One night it rained and we had relay races inside and
cup stacking and bucket stacking activities.

We went to craft room last.
The kids made slap bracelets, frisbees, tote bags
and more.

We were able to see 7 of our class make decisions to accept
Christ as Savior this week.

This is what they did.

A  admit you are a sinner and you can't save yourself.

B  believe that Jesus took your place on the cross and paid
     for your sin.  He was dead but came back to life and is
     alive in heaven today.

C  confess that you are taking his free gift of salvation.

God the Father will forgive your sin.
God the Son will be your  savior.
The Holy Spirit will come into your life and give you the power to live for Him.

What could be "smarter" than that?

Are you as smart as a 3rd grader?

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  1. Great Donna, praise God for faithful ones who are willing to teach our children the right way, God bless you and have a great day.