Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Aprons?

Hi  Everyone,
This week has brought me more apron orders.
They are adult sized aprons.

A sweet friend has opened a vintage shop.
She wanted a clothes line full of aprons to sell.
I made her 7 aprons on Monday and Tuesday
nights after work in the Thrift Store.

This will be enough to get her started.
I can make more as she needs them.
This is my favorite one.

I had a lot of these hexies made and just had to sew it on.

I have a few more doll orders to do.

I'm still working on those tags in my spare minutes.
I'll show them to ya soon.

I've been looking at all of your blogs and you have
been busy too!


  1. Donna, I think you are incredible, that you work and take care of your family and still do so much nice sewing.
    I hope your aprons sell like hotcakes.

    1. Thanks Rhonda,
      I think you are pretty incredible yourself. Baby sitting, all the great cooking you show on your blog and the ideas you have.
      (the toddler booster seat...really good one)
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Your very inspiring with all you do...I am sure your aprons will be a big hit at the shop.:)

  3. How wonderful! I really wish I could find a venue for something that I can make...I've thought about etsy but I don't have THAT much that I do!
    I'm about to make a rag quilt for my oldest daughter and her husband for Christmas and I'm going to make an apron/pot holder set for my middle daughter! She loves 50's style kitchen things and wants to make her future kitchen with polka dots. The fabric is pink and brown....
    I love your work!!