Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tomato canning

I did not plant tomatoes this year.
Only flowers.

I really thought I'd just skip the preserving thing.
But, as the season went on I began to get
the itch for putting up something.

(I started with freezing strawberries)
Then went on to making strawberry jam.

Next, I went to Holden Brothers Produce and
purchased 25 lb. of tomatoes for $ 12.00.

They were beautiful and what a great taste!

I canned 18 jars.
So nice.

This morning I made a few jars of peach jam.

It just makes me feel so good to see those jars lined up.
I love getting a jar of tomatoes from the cabinet to make
Chili or Sloppy Joe or Homemade Veggie Soup in the winter!

By the way, I have only about 25 more of those little aprons
to make.  I hope I get those done tonight.

I have been making some tags
and I'll show them to ya soon.

I'm off to visit your blogs and see what everyone
else has been doing!


  1. You named your blog do have busy hands.:)

  2. Oh how fun! I'm like you...there is just something about preserving and freezing for the winter. I, too, love to see the pretty jars lined's homey, satisfying and lovely! I have a garden full of tomatoes ready to pick...Friday I hope to get at them! :)