Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mr & Mrs Santa

I delivered 8 Mr. and Mrs. Santa dolls this Monday.

These were very easy to make.
They had lots of clothing.

The Mrs. had pantaloons, shirt, jumper, and hat.
The Mr. had shirt, overalls and hat to make. 

They were cute to make and easy too
because some of the clothing was hot glued on and
not sewed by hand.

This is the finish of my sewing for hire until
after New Year.

I am taking a break from sewing jobs because
I want to enjoy the season and I have lots of
activities to plan and to take part in.

I hope you are planning to take some time to enjoy the season!


  1. You have been on a sewing marathon :) Enjoy your break from the sewing although I know it is a passion for you and not a job. That is why each piece is so well done.

    1. I do love to sew and do most any craft.
      But sometimes I just have to make time for some other things
      that I love, too

  2. I agree with Dee- you have been on a sewing marathon.
    These Santa couples look like they were sewn with love, awww.

    enjoy your break-

    1. Thanks Rhonda,
      I think I love sewing as much as you love cooking.
      I love the pork roast post.