Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A walk around the Thrift Store

If you are new here, you may not know I manage a
nonprofit Thrift Store in Ocean Isle, NC.

It has been a while since I have given you a look
around the store so come with me and I'll
give you a tour.

We are pretty well stocked right now.

This sofa is Broyhill and has a matching chair and ottoman.
It is really nice.

This chair is hanging out in the Book Room.
also a great buy

Our Baby Room is pretty well stocked.

The kitchen room is a little bare.
We have lots of coffee makers and other small
Not so many dishes or nice cookware right now
But, that could change any minute.
That's the fun of the Thrift Store.

Our clothing room is full and we are selling lots
of our summer fashions at $1.00
because it will be time to switch to fall clothing soon.
That window way back in the corner is our work room.

It is a busy place.

Our volunteers work in pairs
and usually in 3 hour shifts.

They sign in and out on the clip board
back there on the counter.

This is a random shot of our work room.
It is usually this full everyday.
Sometimes lots more full than this.

I took this photo about 4 O'clock and there had been
work going on all day.
These things came in after the women had been
working for hours back there.

I appreciate all our volunteers that come and
help me keep Sheltered Treasures looking good.

I always tell them that if it wasn't for them
I'd be buried under all that stuff.

They are a great bunch of women.
I'm proud to have them working in the store!

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  1. Wow...I LOVE that furniture!!! It is probably a very good thing that you don't live close....I would have that furniture in my living room sooooo quickly!! Right now though, we were blessed with a nice sectional that my niece gave me. She just recently married and they decided to get a new couch for their new house. I love it and feel so blessed. I don't think we have bought anything "new" except our bed that my honey bought us 6 years ago.
    I do like some primitive things...just not too much. My husband is not a fan at all of primitives except for me. I am pretty primitive....haha.....