Tuesday, August 20, 2013

another walk around the Thrift Store

What a difference a week can make.
Last week I posted a walk around the Thrift Store.
We had the green flowered furniture.
That is sold fast and we have this love seat
sitting in it's place.

I think it has a "beachy" look.

I just love this little aqua chair.
I have reduced it's price, I hope it will find a
new home soon.

The book room is a favorite with the vacationers.
Some beach reading is easy to find at just
$1.00 for hardbacks
and .50 for paper backs.

This sweet little french girl
is enjoying her time among the books
She is new and clean and priced at just $6.00.

This is an oil painting on canvas
It is about 4ft. x 6ft.
It is really nice, I don't think it will hang around
for very long.

We have gotten some more dishes in.
Cookbooks, too.

The crib is gone,
I wonder if there is a new baby sleeping in it?
Just this high chair and a stroller wait in the kid's room now.

Did I mention that it is fun to work in a Thrift Store?
You just never know what will come in the door next!!

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  1. Hmmmmm......and I thought you were going to save all that pretty furniture for me!! Haha!! I don't have another square foot in my home for any more furniture!! Your shop looks great!! I think I still have that little "french girl" doll around here somewhere. There's a story that goes along with it about Claude Monet's garden. It's cute!