Friday, September 18, 2009

Thrift Store

Hi everyone,
I have been so busy all week, this is the second week for me being back at work after lazing around all summer. I had planned to go back to my teaching job at a small private school, but that didn't happen because our enrollment was so low that most of the teachers were not invited back. The family that runs the school (as a business) is covering all the bases.

So, I am working at a thrift store. I know what your thinking, a thrift store is a dirty dingy place that smells like someones basement. (right??)

Not this Thrift Store!!

It is a non-profit benefit store for a Baptist Childrens Home called "Providence Home".

The home provides a place for kids to live when parents are in accidents, very sick, in rehab, or in jail. Many reasons for kids to need a home for a few months.

Now to the Store. I am posting these photos I took on Wednesday and Thursday.

Isn't the store lovely? Nice place to work, and nice people to spend your day with. I have worked summers for this store. Now it looks like it will be my perminent job for a while.

I am grateful for the job and the chance to see all the bargains and all the nice people.
Continue reading to see some of the funny things I have seen this week!!

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