Friday, September 18, 2009

Sometimes you will see the craziest things in the Thrift Store...I always have to cover my amusement at some of the people that come in. We have the people that ask "Will you be getting any (whatever) in soon?"

We don't know, it's a thrift store, donations come in every hour and things go out every minute...we don't know what will be there from one minute to the next.

"When will this be on sale?' If I knew I couldn't tell ya...Sales are to make people impulse buy.

If you want it, you'd better get it today.

But, the funniest thing happened this week, a guy came in with "sagged pants"...He walked all through the store with his pants down low,--I mean really know "obsene" low...

He went around a corner and his pants fell down...lower....So he pulled them up, and went right

on walking...

The Photo is AFTER he pulled up his pants.

I just had been taking photos of the shop and had my camera out and ready to go!!

You see it all in the thrift store.

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