Monday, May 17, 2010

My chair redo

One day at work I was kidding the girls and said "I hope a shabby chair will come in
for me to paint and put in my garden. I want it to be shabby enough that I only have to pay
2 or 3 dollars and sturdy enough so it won't fall apart when I put it outside."
Well, the day went on and no chair.
I'd say "Lin, did my chair come yet?"
"Nope, we ordered it but it won't be in today"
Well, about closing time someone drove in the parking lot and
set off a really dirty, smelly, nasty recliner.
(They didn't ask if we'd take it because they knew we don't accept such trash)
Then everyone started telling me "Hey, Donna, Your chair is here!"
No, way I'm taking that thing...
the more I protested the more they kept saying It was my duty to take it
because I was the one that asked for it and it was the answer to my prayer!
Well, I did not take that dirty old recliner.
But just a few weeks later this chair came in and I bought it for $3.00
I brought it home and painted it and put it in my corner.
It looks pretty good now, doesn't it?
Just see how much the flowers in the painted pots have grown.

I liked the stenciling on the chair so much
that I did some of the flower pots, too.

Oh, and look at my washtub.
I guess you know I have had the day off today and I am enjoying it so much!!
Tomorrow is another day off and Don and I are going to the movie to see
Letters to Juliet
And we are going to eat at Red Lobster.
Our dinner will be compliments of a Mothers Day gift card
from my wonderful son, Mike.
Hope you are enjoying your day and that your tomorrow will be as fun as mine!


  1. Hi Donna,
    That is one sweet little chair that you painted.
    Looks so nice in your garden and goes well with the pots and bench.

    Dinner and a movie with your sweetie sounds wonderful. Have fun.


  2. I love your chair and all your other pots and wash tub. Everything looks great out in your yard. And I can't wait to see that movie. It sounds good. Enjoy your date tomorrow. Love 7 blessings from NC!

  3. Sooooo pretty!

  4. looks so good!
    I like how you made all the different things go together with matching paing and seashell stencils

  5. The chair is adorable. I wish I had the eye to see a shabby little chair like you do. I can feel in your writing the joy you get in transforming them. Have you ever thought about selling your make overs? Have fun on your date night . Dee

  6. Your chair is great. How did you enjoy the movie. My niece and I are going Saturday and I am looking forward to it......:-) hugs

  7. I'm looking for a similar chair that I can keep outside without worrying about what I paid for it and whether it is going to remain sitting worthy. I'm looking for an old fashioned bicycle for the same reason.