Wednesday, November 30, 2011

hand poured candles.

Did you ever pour candles?
It is an easy craft.

I researched it on Chickens in The Road blog
and Comming Home blog.

In the Thrift Store, I have access to many
beautiful containers for little money.
These crystal jars were $1.00 each.

These punch cups hung around the store for a long
while, because the punch bowl that came in with
them was broken.

I paid .25 for them.

I did buy my wicks and scents from A C Moores.
My wax was repurposed from candles donated to the
Thrift Store but they had been burned some
and were not suitable for resale the way they were.

I used some old crayons to deepen the colors.

I've been looking for some cute candy wrappers for my
Sunday School class to cover Hershey Bars to give
to an adult class for Christmas.

Know of any??

1 comment:

  1. I never thought of using old crayons to color candle wax! Wonderful idea and your candle holders are so creative. I love this idea.
    I used to make candy-bar wrappers for our youth group but they were mostly to advertise a fund-raising event.
    I found these that might give you ideas:


    I'll be back to visit to see what you came up with!