Monday, November 28, 2011

necklaces anyone?

I made a bunch of bottlecap necklaces.
These bottlecaps were purchased from AC Moores
I got a large pack with silver, pink, blue and black ones.
They already had holes punched in the top for hanging.
I don't remember the price, but about $4.00, I think.

Some of the pictures I drew.
Some were stickers that I got at ACM also.

The charms were from broken jewelry at the Thrift Store.

The necklaces in this photo were made from sculpy clay.
kneed, shape, bake...rub with some paint for texture.
Add a leather lace and bead and your good to go.

These are sculpy also.
I used some brading cord for some of them.

I really enjoyed making these.
They are a little different from the kinds of things I usually do.

Tomorrow,  I show you my candlemaking.
I'm off to check out your blogs now.

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  1. I've seen the bottlecap necklaces in stores, but I am certain I've never seen any so CUTE!! Donna you did an awesome job on all of these - even the sculpy one's. Very creative! Thanks for sharing them.