Tuesday, August 27, 2013

working on the mountain house

Just a few pictures of the mountain house.
We found this bed and dresser in a thrift store.
I got the birdcage and lamp at my thrift store.
The painting from Dollar General.

I have my dish cabinet filled with my grandparents
dishes.  My mom had them for a while and they
were passed on to me.

I was looking and looking for a table and chairs for this area.
I bought a table at Goodwill for $30 but couldn't ever
find any chairs that I liked or that matched.

I asked the Lord to help me find it.
(which I should have done in the first place.)
and we were riding around and I saw this little junk store.
It had lots of chairs outside.
I stopped and it was closed.
But, next door a man and woman were in an open
building polishing some furniture and moving things around,
I went over and asked if they owned the junk store.
No, they said, then I looked and saw this table and chairs and
asked if it was for sale.
The woman told me it was, for sale...$35.00!!!!
I was super happy and paid her on the spot.
I love it.  The woman was so nice and gave me some cuttings
from some of her plants and we had a good visit.
I'll stop by and see her again when we are in town.
I guess you remember these pillows from my
pillow making marathon.

I'm working on this room.
The wall has just had a coat of Kilz.
The wall used to be red.
Oh, wait I have a picture of that too!

It was painted  that color when we bought it.
I liked the look at first, but it just seemed too dark and
closed in.

It will be yellow the next time you see it.
Oh, that is my $30.00 table from Goodwill.
(and a $5.00 chair)
We will wait and see where that goes when the time comes.
  We have 2 more bedrooms that are empty.
Could I use it for a work table in one of them?
...no hurry to decide.
I'll wait until I get to that part of the house.

Well, I wanted to post something, because I have been
absent from the blog.
I have been sewing some orders;
Christmas ornaments and doing alterations.

Hemming pants doesn't make for a very
interesting blog post.

Thanks for dropping by.
More to come.

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